Keywords : project removal - delete 

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  • Will my project be deleted one day?
  • If I am a Premium user and I end my payments, will my projects be deleted?
  • How do I delete a project permanently ?

Possible solution(s)  :

  • RacontR never deletes any project, unless it violates our Terms of Use with inappropriate content (pedophilia, extreme violence...)
  • When payments end, we do not delete any of your projects. You won't be able to upload new media to your library though, because your storage space will not be monthly renewed (see our documentation on media size). However, you will still be able to modify your projects contents.
  • To delete a project, you have to click on the cross-shaped icon on a select project in your personal space.
  • All suppressions are final (except in some extreme cases, you may ask the technical team to try and undo your deletion, but we do not guaranty that the restoration will work) 
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