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  • What are your recommendations for the creation of an iPad/smartphone/tablet version of my project?
  • How do I create a responsive version of my project ?
  • How responsive projects created on RacontR are ?

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  • RacontR projects are not (strictly speaking) natively responsive. However you can create dedicated versions of a project for mobile devices.
  • At the moment, due to technological restrictions from mobile devices manufacturers, it is impossible to automatically trigger sounds or videos while a page is loading. You therefore have to plan an action in order to launch the media.
  • It is not possible to trigger "hover" actions (this may sound obvious to some, but few people actually consider this).
  • You have to optimize your media as much as possible in order to reduce your project's overall size. Loading time on a mobile device can take much longer if your media are not fully optimized (see documentation link below).
  • Sometimes (quite often) you have adjust your project with a specific version for mobile devices, lighter than the desktop version, by slicing pages of your project into smaller parts for instance.

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