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  • I completed my project with external pages/links (Soundcloud, Infogram or other) embedded in, but they do not appear and/or there is a white space, even though it was working when previewing the page in the editor.

Possible solution(s)  : 

You need to pay attention to the following details : 

  • Always check that your embedded links are complete/valid. One tiny error (when copy/pasting for instance) may block all embeds in a page.
  • If your project is integrated and published via http, you have to get into the editor and make sure that the embedded url source is also http (there may be conflicts between http:// and https:// for instance - a secure server will not allow a project if it is http:// instead of https:// .
  • You have to either switch the project's url (for example to ) or the embedded element's url (from http to https or otherwise) 

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