The “Dispatch click” function will allow you to trigger a remote button with another button. Very convenient for dual menu navigations, this feature will help you save a lot of time!

Here are the different options offered by RacontR covered in this section :

  • Example & interest
  • Set up dispatch click

Example & interest

In this example we have a menu at the top, with three parts. We see that the “part 02” button triggers actions that allow us to slide from one photo to another. We also have on the first picture a “next” button that triggers the same actions as the “part 02” button.

So instead of configuring twice the actions (on “part 02” and on “next”) we will, thanks to the dispatch click, ensure that the “next” button triggers those of “part 02”.

  1. To simplify, we have a button with actions,
  2. which can be triggered by the “next” button.

Set up dispatch click

  1. After setting the actions of the “part 02” button, select the “next” button. Define the type of interaction that you want (overview, click, or rollout). In this present case we want a click action.
  2. In the part “apply” in your action window, choose the button “part 02” (1) : it is the one that is already programmed with actions.
  3. In “settings” choose “click trigger” since it is this action we're looking for, but we could also have chosen a rollover or a rollout trigger.
  4. Apply/validate. Voila ! your “dispatch-click” is ready.

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