On RacontR, you can create a multi devices (responsive) project, for desktop computer, tablet, smartphone…

Here are the different options offered by RacontR covered here :

  • Choose a device
  • Start from scratch or duplicate

Choose a device

In your page editor, you can choose to create a page dedicated desktop computers, tablets or smartphones. To do so, click in the top-right menu on the screen icon.

Once you have created different versions of your project, viewers will then be redirected to the corresponding page when connected to the project with their device. If you do not create dedicated pages, the project will be displayed with the existing version on all devices (by default your project is created for desktop use).

Start from scratch or duplicate

When you choose to create a version dedicated to the iPad or a smartphone, you can choose to duplicate the existing pages and rework them, or create a blank page.
Once you made your choice, click "apply".

As you move forward in your project's creation process, always keep in mind the device you are adapting your project for, and adjust your pages design accordingly. 

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