Your project is finished, it is now time to put it online!

Before publishing a project, make sure it is finished.
It is possible to go back at any moment to update and publish.
We will learn two ways to publish a project : page by page in the editor or directly from the platform RacontR!

Here are the different options offered by RacontR covered in this section :

  • Define the home page
  • Publish your entire project from the platform
  • Publish a page in the editor

Define your home page

Once in your editor, choose in the scenario the page intended to be your home page and click on it.

  1. Go to the page properties.
  2. Click on “set as home page”.

You just set the first page of your project!

Tip : It is possible to change the home page using the same process on any of your pages.

Publish your entire project from the platform

  1. To publish your project, go to the RacontR platform and in your project list, click on the “settings” of the project you want to publish.
  2. You can publish the entire project by clicking on “publish“. Two choices are available : publish it on RacontR or use a credit (premium option).

The credits allow you to publish your project outside of RacontR : on your own site using an iFrame, or simply by exporting the sources !

Re-publish a page in the editor

To re-publish a page after a change:

  1. Select the page in the editor scenario,
  2. click on the “publish” button 

IMPORTANT: For the changes to be visible on your publication's url, do not hesitate to empty the cache of your browser after republishing

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