RacontR provides a text block editor similar to the one you can fin in a text-editing software such as Microsoft Word. It offers many possibilities, detailed in the following tutorial.

Here are the different options offered by RacontR :

  • Insert a text block in a page
  • Text block editing properties

Insert a text block in a page

To insert a text block, click on the “+” icon in the left menu of the page editor. A list of available elements appears, click on “text”.
A rectangle appears on your scene, you can drag it anywhere on your page or scene.
Double-click on it to access the following text block editing properties

Text block properties

  1. HTML / Add your HTML code
  2. Add your own stylesheets, fonts and size.
  3. Bold, italic, text color, background color, underline, cross out, remove formatting.
  4. Go back, restore, image, table, iframe
  5. Cut, copy, paste, paste as plain text, paste from Word
  6. Hyperlink, align left, align center, align right, align full
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