The plugin “MorphSVG” allows you to create an animation between two .SVG format images.

Here are the different options that we’ll cover in this tutorial :

  • Add a MorphSVG
  • MorphSVG Parameters

Add a MorphSVG on a page

  1. To add a button, click the “+” icon in the top-left menu of your page editor. A list of available media appears, click on “MorphSVG”
  2. MorphSVG appears, you can now set it up.

MorphSVG Parameters

  1. First, add two images with .SVG formats to create your animation. The left image will slowly transform into the right image
  2. You can set a length for the animation, effects, choose to trigger an action on another element on the page with a click and repeat the action in the opposite direction.

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