Sounds are an important addition to any interactive experience. RacontR can import most sounds formats, but for a better experience, we recommand you use mp3 format.
Here is how you can add sounds on your pages.

Here are the different options offered by RacontR covered in this section :

  • Add a sound on a page
  • Sound properties

Add a sound on a page

First, you have to import your sound in your media library. Once this is done, you have to :

  1. Click on the “+” icon on the menu on the top left,
  2. then on “Audio”,
  3. choose your sound
  4. and validate ("apply")

It will display on your page once you validate your choice.

Sound properties

  1. Click on your sound and edit its properties in the panel that should appear automatically (otherwise you can open it by clicking on the gears-shaped icon in the top-left menu). You can change the name of the sound and add a class for your own custom code.
  2. Manage volume : choose the sound volume. You can create a fading effect by adding an action on an element. Display controls, autoplay, loop, opacity.
  3. Duplicate and replace the sound on the page. Change the opacity of the element.

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