Photoshop files upload

You can import your Photoshop PSD files directly into RacontR. To do this, follow this tutorial step by step.

Here are the different options offered by RacontR that we cover in this section :

  • Download script .JSX & documentation
  • Launch the PSD Script
  • Import the Zip to RacontR

Download script .JSX & documentation

Download the script 

In order to import your PSD to RacontR, you must run a script in Photoshop. Let’s start by going to the scenario of your project.

We will get the script in the Script section of your project.

  1. Click the “PSD” button
  2. A pop-up displays
  3. Click “PSD script/Script PSD and documentation”
  4. A file in "zip" format starts downloading
  5. Grab it and “unzip” the file
  6. In the folder you will find the file “racontr.jsx”

Photoshop, preparing your template : before running the script on your template/model, you must follow certain rules and make sure the PSD file is clean.
There, you just created your Photoshop template.

Work your template in actual size, 72 dpi and in RGB colorimetric mode.

  1. For the export to RacontR to be optimal, make sure you don’t have any folders or sub-folders in the layers window.

Avoid having too many layers in your template.

    2. For example, if your background images or your pictograms are composed of several layers, merge them in order to have only one layer.

  1. There you have it, the script is completed (see below)
  2. A folder was created in the location of your PSD file. In this folder you will find an "image" folder and a file: “elements.xml”.
  3. Select the folder to the root, and zip it.

Once done, return to the scenario of your RacontR project. We will import our PSD.

Launch the PSD Script

Your PSD model is now prepared and ready to be exported. We will now run the script.

  1. To run the script, go to file
  2. Then to “Script”
  3. Finally to browse. Go get the file we downloaded earlier: “racontr.jsx.”

This may take some time. Wait for the script to finish : a pop-up window will appear at the end of the operation.

Import the “Zip” to RacontR

  1. Click PSD and then, in the pop-up window, click “Drop files” and then find the file you just zipped.
  2. You can also click-drag your zipped file in this area.
  3. This may take some time. When the page appears in your scenario the operation is over. This page is named after your PSD.
  4. Double click on this page, your PSD has been imported. In the page editor, you will find them all and in the right order, the layout of the elements having also been respected.

Now you can animate your page!

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