On this menu, you can edit your page’s properties such as its name, size and keywords to optimize your SEO.

Here are the different options offered by RacontR covered in this section :

  • Page parameters
  • Page properties

Page parameters

  1. To display the menu, click on the icon in the top left menu of the page editor (picture below)
  2. Page name : we highly recommend that you rename each page. It will be displayed on the scenario section to help you distinguish them and also in the URL of your page once it is published.
  3. Keywords : to improve your project’s search engine optimization (SEO), you can add some keywords. Be sure to separate them with commas.
  4. Project description : to further improve your SEO, input some text in the description field.
  5. Page properties : you can change the size and the background of your scene (customized or with our standards).
  6. Duplicate : you can duplicate your page (it will appear in your scenario tab).
  7. Set as homepage : click here to set this page as your homepage. It will then appear in red in your scenario section.
  8. Publish your page

Page properties

  1. Click on the icon “page parameters” then on “page properties”.
  1. Choose a custom size for your scene on a specific page.
  2. Choose a custom view for your page. You can change the size of the view and adapt the scene of the page to your project : full width, full height, fullscreen, fixed…
  3. Choose and activate a page background.
  4. Choose and activate a scene background.

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