You can set the animations on a scene to follow the timing of a video or a sound you previously imported on your page.

Here is how you use this functionality: 

  • Once you uploaded the media to your library, select it with the + tab on the top left menu in the editor
  • You can now find it in the list of your elements/layers in the timeline
  • On the timeline, next to the name of your media, you have a clock-shape icon
  • Click on this icon. The element line and the icon itself are now colored in pale blue.
  • Your media is now in master mode: all animations on the page are set on your media's timing

Important: only video/sounds that are fully uploaded to your library can be used as master media. If you added a YouTube video URL to your library for instance, you won't be able to set it as master media. The clock-shaped icon will not appear on your timeline.

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